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21 MarChoice Group First Annual Fundraising Gala Los Angeles with Mary Mary

Choice Group is an organization whose mission is to provide at risk and foster youth with the safe in the train environment that promotes music and related arts programs as Recreational, educational and life enhancing opportunities.

Founder and Executive Director Dana came with me came to me with an idea of producing their very first annual Los Angeles fundraiser. He is very charming and his cause is so worthy, so with a limited budget, limited time, but grand ideas and a lot of motivation, we took on the dream!

Dana already had some big hitter musicians on board, including musical duo Erica and Tina of Mary Mary and writer, producer, musician Warren Campbell.

I was able to negotiate a “friends and family” rate for the Santa Monica beachfront Venue Annenberg Beach House.

This is a small space so we had to be very efficient in the layout planning. Here is the floorplan we created which offered a red carpet entrance, step and repeat (photo backdrop), cocktail reception with silent auction, an intimate concert setting and VIP lounge. AND, a green room for the celebrity entertainers to relax. Whew!

Choice Group Annual Fundraiser Garden Terrace diagram 12.11.12













Choice Group Annual Fundraiser Event house gallery diagram 12.11.12











The color theme was masculine and elegant with a palette of cool blue, platinum gray and black. Blue up-lighting reflected on walls and white draping plus white lounge furniture and black cocktail attire created the effect.


Black, Platinum and Blue Palette


Black, Platinum and Blue Palette Reference





In addition to the cocktail reception and silent auction, Mary Mary performed an intimate acoustic set, and there was a live electronic auction. I scheduled several of the kids who  participate in the program to be at the event and share some of their musical expressions with the guests. Getting safe rides for them from their home all the way to north Santa Monica was a challenge because their parents worked until six or later. But we were able to coordinate ride shares and volunteer helped with pick ups. Having the kids at the event was a real highlight of the night.



The spirits vendor I use most, Wally Wines and Spirits delivered full choice of medium-label beverages which were impressive but stayed in budget.

We used Pico Party Rentals for the staging, AV and some of the furniture.  Mary Merry required some backline studio instrument rentals and I called my friend Joey at SIR studio rentals who was very patient with our timeline and budget.

One of the most difficult tasks was putting together the sponsor book. We had to write content and create ads which showcased the sponsors. Getting the sponsors to send in their logos and camera ready ads sometime is always such a challenge! But alas the book come together and looked pretty snazzy!

book 2

book 1







I wasn’t able to be on site for the day-of the event but I heard it went smoothly and was a very good turnout and they met expectations and fundraising for their first annual gala. Congratulations Choice Group!

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21 MarTraditional Memorial Planning and Catering with Reverence and Warmth

It is an honor to help plan and cater a memorial. My roll allows the family to process their goodbyes and know that the details are being taken care of in the best way possible. With some direction from the family and personal insight on the guest of honor, I go to work so they don’t need to. I keep the focus on what is important: family, spending time together and honoring the loved one.

Here are some highlights of a recent Beverly Hills Memorial of a “Southern Bell” and longtime resident of Beverly Hills and an overview of how to plan a somewhat traditional memorial in Los Angeles.

I schedule the regular housekeeper for a thorough house cleaning including all guests rooms so visiting family member might stay over. I make sure she is scheduled the full day-of as well for prep, keeping things tidy during the memorial and making sure the home is back to normal after guests leave. I have the landscape groomed and new flowers planted along the walk way up to the house. I fill the home with fresh flowers, and include the loved one’s favorites. Don’t forget to add small arrangements in the bathrooms. My favorite florist is Jacob at Bells and Whistles Couture Floral Design

This was a Jewish Shivah memorial, so I set up a small table with a pitcher of water and a large shallow bowl outside the front door with quality disposable towels and a small wastebasket. It is traditional for guests to wash their hands upon returning from the cemetery, symbolically washing away the burial and entering the remembering of a life.

Memorial Catering should be kept simple but elegant. Deli platters are common because they are just that, simple, easy, tasty and guests can build as they wish. I encourage others to add to the food table, it’s an honor for them to add to the love in the form of food. I make sure some items are added to the menu that reflect the life of the memorialized. In this case the guest of honor was a southern gal, so we had home-baked mini cornbread muffins and honey butter on the buffet. My favorite memorial caterer is LeAnne at L.A. Spice. A good basic Deli Platter can be ordered from Nate’n Al of Beverly Hills too.

I encourage the host to bring out their best china, silver and platters out because if there ever was a case to use “good plates”, this is it. I book the regular housekeeper to stay on throughout the day to wash the family platters with care and return them to their place.

I set up a table honoring the loved one with photos looking back at their life and accomplishments. I add any special awards or honors, photos of children, beloved pets.


I add very low mellow or classic background music, nothing sad or too celebratory.  A trio or quartet of classic musician is also an option if the musicians play low.

The majority of guests will come after the burial service but It’s best to treat this as an “open house” where guests come when they like and leave when they like.  I my client requests it, we have remembrance favors at the door as guests leave. These are keepsakes that will remind the guests of the loved one’s life and their time with family and friends at the memorial. Here are a few of the remembrance favors we have offered. memory_stones_heart_angel_wings

As guests gather, hug each other, enjoy a plate of food, the love and memories begin. This is the time to share stories and experiences of life with the loved one. Many stories will be told over and over and over. I accept this with a smile and know this is how we keep our loved ones a life. The coming together of hearts and memories and the breaking of bread together in the name of a passed loved one is one of the great events of life.

More about Jewish Memorial Traditions of Shiva HERE and More on Christian and Catholic Memorial Traditions HERE


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24 FebThrowing Your Own Oscar Viewing Party?


One of the best part watching the Academy Awards Sunday will be critiquing the celebrity outfits and the acceptance speeches. But this year make sure you receive the highest critique as the party host!

Really treat your friends to an award-worthy time at your Oscar party by adding these event planner tips:

imageimageCreate a “Red Carpet” arrival experience by laying a long red runner or red carpet leading to the entrance of your house. Rent a 25’ long one for fifty bucks at Alex Party Rentals Remember to tape it down for safety!

Add that paparazzi experience when your guests arrive by showering them with the flashes of picture-taking by your brother the novice photographer. Have him print out the best shot of each guest and give it to the guest before they leave as a keepsake of the memorable night.

Pour your guests the same champagne cocktail that the guest at the Governor’s Ball, the obligatory after affair at the Dolby theater in Hollywood , are drinking on Sunday night. Wolfgang Puck will be pouring 230-year-old French champagne house Piper-Heidsieck but you serve Frexinet Champagne  for 16.00/bottle. Garnished with a rose petal!

Have a soundtrack playing in the background of Oscar nominated songs when the show is not on.

Serve some of the simple dishes that renowned Los Angeles Caterer Wolfgang Puck is serving to the stars at the Governor’s Ball, like hhis signature favorites, such as smoked salmon Oscars, chicken pot pie with shaved black truffles, and mini American Wagyu burgers with aged cheddar.. Get the full menu here

Printout Ballots for your guests and have them vote and announce their winners when NBC does. Give a prize or a replica of the gold bald man statue, available at Aahs Gift stores, for the most wins. Here is a good ballet to download.

Enjoy your party and Hooray for Hollywood!

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13 AugWish Upon a Wedding

This organization is so wonderful and I’m honored to be a part of it. I haven’t been called in to help yet, but I volunteer to be on the committee or to be the wedding coordinator for a local couple who is facing terminal illness and want to get married or remarried.

The nonprofit organization, Wish Upon a Wedding, provides free-of-charge weddings, allowing couples facing serious life-altering circumstances to concentrate on the issues affecting their lives. From the venue to the cake, and most everything between, they take care of all the wedding planning and details.

Learn more here…

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18 JulHollywood Beauty Makeover – Inside and Out

Japanese Women Guests come to Los Angeles!

You know how in Los Angeles we women have it all and it shows? Healthy, vibrant, good looking, spiritual, confident and friendly? Well others want what we have and are willing to travel to learn how to get it!

As a Los Angeles Event Planner I had the honor of being chosen to design, coordinate and lead this three day intensive workshop for group of women from Japan who are in a transitional place in their lives and are looking for the confidence, charisma and interpersonal skills.

My Event Coordinator Rachel Quinn and I designed an intensive workshop from 9am to 9pm each for three days that led the ladies on a whirlwind tour of the best of LA’s stylists, hair colorists, chefs, fitness centers and spiritual centers to create a well rounded experience of the LA Woman.

Here is a peak into our exciting itinerary…

DAY ONE – We got to know each other in a roundtable welcome meeting that included the goals of each student for the workshop. I gave an overview of our workshop and how it will work with their goals.

Then we went to Melrose in West Hollywood and met Wardrobe Consultant Nicole Longstreath who created an outfit for each girl based on her lifestyle and personal tastes. She did push each student to be creative, daring and expressive in their new wardrobe.

Lunch at Mason Richard Café on Melrose created a charming setting for the manners and etiquette education.

We treated it like an adult finishing school.

A lot of things we went over were manners you would use in a formal event setting and some were just practical tips such as how to pick up a dropped item with a short skirt on.

We found everyone could use a refresher course and some guests learned some of the information for the first time!

In the afternoon we learned how to create impressive floral arrangements from Claudia Rovner at Dave’s Floral Designs in Hollywood.

She showed us some basics as well as some advanced florist’s secrets.

We were all “wowed”!

That night, Dinner at the Vermont Restaurant in Hollywood we enjoyed speaker Jacob Reed on the art of conversation – how to be an engaging speaker and listener. Then we practiced the art among ourselves during dinner and dessert.

DAY TWO – We met at Lake Shrine in Pacific Palisades and welcomed spiritual speaker Nancy Bevers of Radiant Being.

She spoke to us about becoming our true unique selves and relying on our higher spirit for confidence and direction.

She led us on an enlightening guided meditation that left us feeling inspired and serene.

Afterwards, we all chose a quiet space in the garden to do a personal meditation.

Next we visited Maha Yoga in Brentwood for a tour of the studio, a peek into the morning’s glass and an overview of the practice and benefits of Yoga.

Lunch was at Tiato Café and event venue in Santa Monica where we enjoyed a healthy fresh California cuisine lunch and Chef Shaun Werth spoke to us about healthy, sustainable food choices for our bodies and the environment.

After lunch we went into the privacy of the Tiato Private Dining Room, turned on some music and learned how to walk like a red carpet model, learned a few hip hop dance moves from Rachel who is a hip hop dance performer.

We then walked off our lunch by walking the few blocks to Spectrum Fitness in the Water Garden Business Park in Santa Monica.

There we met with Physical Trainer David who showed us some basic fitness techniques to strengthen our core and increase our metabolism.

These pointers also help the posture which also helps one walk and posture like a model.


That night at Sur Restaurant in West Hollywood we had an educational workshop on creative table settings for entertaining and events.

The ladies then created a wonderful tablescape and setting using the props we brought for them and the fine chine from Sur.

We sat down and enjoyed the beautiful table setting during cocktails and our dinner.

The special guest speaker after dinner on the topic of Female Sensuality was Kristin Tribby who specialized in female sensuality education.

Her message was about expressiveness, healthy self knowledge and communication.

She also created an anonymous question and answer form that was appreciated.


FINAL DAY – This was event day, so all day we prepped for the finale event and continued to learn about developing confidence can panache!

We met at Juan Juan Salon of Beverly Hills where the women were cut, colored, styled and educated on the ideal style for their face and lifestyle. Juan Juan’s lead stylists gave each woman a private consultation and direction then they were put in the capable, creative hands of the staff.

They also changed into the wardrobe that they developed with the stylists on the first day. All the while I led them in practicing the sexy model walk and staying spiritually centered and focused… And the butterflies began to emerge and spread their wings!

Next, the makeup artists and Mac Makeup Studio on Robertson in Beverly Hills enhanced the beauty of each girl, adding lashes, contour, highlight and educating them on how to create the look themselves.

By the time we gathered at the Montage hotel in Beverly Hills to listen to our final guest speaker, all the girls were very excited and very beautiful!

So that they can use all of what they learned in the workshop to launch their dreams and goals, we had Chrissy Atley of Total Harmony Coaching who spoke on the topic of “Dream It, Believe it Achieve It!”

Rachel talked about the concept of Vision Boards” so one can really keep their mind on the goals with constant visuals helping you see the result then Chrissy gave an overview of step by step ways to really map out the way to get to those goals.

This last work shop really rounded out the experience of the whole, dynamic, confident woman.

Then it was off to the grant finale event!

We moved on to Hollywood at the Lowes Hollywood Hotel on Hollywood and Highland where the girls used all that they learned to strut their stuff on the red carpet while Paparazzi style photographer Vivien Killilea captured the grace and confidence and style that the girls exuded.

The dazzling group was entertained at the dinner show “Hollywood Memories” by actor group The Coterie. It was moving and entertaining and the three course meal was fabulous. We toasted to the girl’s transformation and new friends and experiences.

It was truly a finale ending to a really rewarding workshop. Enjoy these before and after photos!


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30 MayBrenda’s Birthday Party

Crustaceans Beverly Hills - Teri Kinne Events

The grand "walk on water" entrance to Crustaceans

My long time client Brenda B. gave me and Teri Kinne Events, the honor of helping plan her big birthday dinner party.

We chose Crustaceans Beverly Hills as a venue where the ladies had a cozy nook on the top level of the restaurant.

We enjoyed being served a handpicked, four-course menu including, “Mama’s” Secret Recipe Garlic Noodles.

Brenda B. and Teri Kinne

Brenda B. with Teri Kinne and the tasty cake

The dinner ended sweetly with a custom birthday cake from the Vanilla Bake Shop in Santa Monica. Thank you VBS Manager Juan for helping with that!

Birthday Party - Teri Kinne Events

After the dinner the ladies went for late night cocktails and dancing in the Beverly Hills.

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13 MarA Soolip Wedding Show

I think one of the best wedding shows for a Los Angeles Wedding Planner or a bride to attend is, “A Soolip Wedding” show. It happens once a year in Los Angeles and in San Francisco. It was started by Wanda Wen of Soolip Paperie near Melrose Place.

This year the LA show was staged at the Bel Air Bay Club at the top of the hill at Sunset and PCH. The weather at the beach that day was just gorgeous so the venue really shined.

Teri Kinne Events - Soolip Wedding Show

A view from the main ballroom (top). Walking down the aisle with the Pacific as a backdrop (bottom).

The Soolip Wedding Show vendors this year were so creative with their spaces. It was nice to visit each area and enjoy the display and samples.

Teri Kinne Events - Joan Bryant Make Something Happen wedding-bouquets

One of my favorites was the unique and custom wedding bouquets by Joan Bryant of Make Something Special Happen. So smart and sustainable to hold items that are meaningful, beautiful and non parishable. Just charming!

Teri Kinne Events - Taste of Pace Caterers

Look at the clever crudite display... So unexpected!

Teri Kinne Events - Taste of Pace Caterers

Chilled Pea Soup Shooters on vintage cake stands

Another standout vendor was the Los Angeles caterer, Tace of Pace. Chef Pace Webb did a stellar job of showing off her bites which were expertly staged on Antique props by Archive Vintage Rentals.

Teri Kinne Events - Candee by Sandee

Specializing in Dessert Stations was Sandee Creager of Candee by Sandee who had a colorful lavendar tone candy station, with a backdrop of rag ties strung on a pipe frame.

It made for a really fun display.

I also learned about a rustic ranch-like, family owned venue called Maravilla Gardens in Camarillo.

It looks spacious with a backdrop of weeping willows, a working farm and rolling greens.

I like their tag line:

“The best kept secret for unforgettable weddings”!

Teri Kinne Events - Wedding Show

The fashion show was modern and fresh with drop waist gowns and simple lines. Lace had made a comeback!

Teri Kinne Events - Lilac

Leaving the show I had to take a shot of the sweet lilac that charmed up this banister outside of the Bay Club.

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30 JanMarjorie & David’s Wedding: Buerge Chapel and Gardens

Teri with the happy couple

This Bride and Groom had to have a church wedding and envisioned a venue that was “quaint and charming”.

As a Los Angeles Event Wedding Planner, it is my job to know the perfect spot for each couple.

I immediately knew that the Buerge Chapel and Gardens in Pacific Palisades would fit that vision perfectly.

Intimate setting for a beautiful ceremony

The wedding was in August and the weather was warm in the sweet little chapel, then perfect, for a garden dinner reception. Marjorie, the bride was nervous and kept guests and groom waiting but finally arrived beautiful, fresh and was a vision well worth the wait.

As the newly married bride and groom left the chapel the old fashioned church bell rang enthusiastically and rose petals tossed by guests rained down on the newlyweds. The tiffany blue colors were a play off of the turquoise blue door of the chapel.

Guests danced to a flamenco guitar trio while enjoying a three-course dinner under the stars with an ocean breeze.

Los Angeles Wedding Planner – Teri Kinne of Teri Kinne Events

Photography – George Kontaxis of Dream Wedding Photography
Flamenco Guitar Trio– Provided by Todd Elliot of Swinger Entertainment
Rentals – Manny of Alex Party Rentals of Venice
Venue – Chris Erickson of Buerge Chapel

Catering – Patty of Merlin’s Kitchen in Westlake.

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30 JanMorley Builders Company Picnic: California Science Center

Morley Builders was the proud builders of the New Eco Systems Exhibit wing at the California Science Center in Exhibition Park so it was just fitting that they chose this location to have their annual company picnic in September.

As a Los Angeles Event Planner, Teri Kinne Events was chosen to provide and manage the catering for the 325 guests who were Morley employees and their families.

While guests enjoyed the museum and interactive exhibits, the catering team set up three Build-Your-Own Burger Bar buffet stations with two on site chefs, Chef Gerardo and Chef Amelio grilling on site.

All Beef Burgers, Hot Dogs and all the sides were the menu of the day. Vegetarian’s enjoyed house made vegetarian patties that are a specialty of caterer, Truxton’s American Bistro.

Umbrellas in Morley company colors shaded the Eco Systems Lawn where the guests picnicked. Morley’s fabulous in-house event planner, Kelly Jeantet, was the creative force behind the planning and guest management.

Chefs Gerardo and Amelio grilling Truxton's tasty burgers

Family fun at Exposition Park

In House Event Planner – Kelly Jeantet

Los Angeles Event Planner / Event Management – Teri Kinne of Teri Kinne Events

Rentals – Stacy Lee of Town & Country Event Rentals
Venue –  Tanya Vidhyarkorn of California Science Center

Catering – Truxtons American Bistro

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30 JanTeri Kinne Events Promotional Holiday Party at Tiato

Teri with Helene (L) and Hannah An of AN Catering

As a Los Angeles Event Planner, I love to show off my favorite venues to clients and friends.

For a pre-holiday gathering in October, I hosted a cocktail reception for Teri Kinne Events’ clients and friends to show off the Eco Chic Venue of Tiato and the divine catering by AN Catering.

Tiato's lovely garden setting

Guest’s sipped specialty, herb-infused saki martinis, enjoyed tray passed hors d’oeuvres and a sweet dessert bar with Mexican Hot Chocolate and Chef Shawn’s Marshmallow topped Chocolate Mouse.

Cool music was provided by The Token Cover Act with Jason Marshall and singer, Anya Marshal.

Photographer Paul, from The Good Photographer, captured the best of guest, ambiance and food images.

Event Coordinators Rachel Quinn and Jacob Reed organized the affair which was a smash success!

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07 NovI Kissed a Camel at the LA Magazine Food Event!

Me and the Romantic Camel

Sunday was a beautiful day at Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu for The Food Event 20011 Hosted by Los Angeles Magazine.

There were so many really creative and tasty bites from restaurants like Cleo, Manhattan Beach Post, Farm Shop LA (I’m a big fan) and the new Mas Malo serving LA Style Chicano food. Many chefs were grilling on site and the smell was delicious. Most chefs were using local, seasonal ingredients to show off their fall menus.

The most memorable bite I tasted was by Executive Chef David Fau of Langham Huntington Hotel’s The Royce restaurant.

Chef Fau served Filet Mignon with button Potato and Balsamic Reduction.

Simple, hearty, carnivorous. A delicacy coming off a full week of my regular diet of rice, beans and vegetables and cookies.

Mini Cherry Cupcake from the Frosted Cupcakery

Frosted Cupcakery on Highland, were a delight. Just sweet enough but didn’t push me into a coma.

Saddle Rock ranch is home to the Malibu Family Wines who were pouring tastings of their latest harvest.

Other beverages participating included, Voss Water and Stella Beer.

I really wanted to snag a purple velvet bag with golden tassels from Stella Artois Beer (forget the glass and the beer) but not worth the long line. I don’t event drink beer!

So I enjoyed the Prickly Pear Punch served by Pica the Peruvian Cantina.

Best experiences of the event? The camels, zebras, buffalo, exotic birds, chickens who looked me in the eye and clucked…

The sunshine and rolling grass and a strolling, grazing Sunday with my spouse.

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11 SepCristina & Paul Wedding: Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills

Greystone Mansion Wedding by Teri Kinne EventsThis DIY couple had such a good time planning their wedding that it was just a joy for me to work with them.

They wanted to create a casual summer picnic in a classic estate setting.

Guests enjoyed visiting a Grilled Slider Station Summer Salad & Hummus Station. A Dessert Station featured handmade mini fruit pies and donuts.

Greystone Mansion Wedding by Teri Kinne Events

Wedding Cake by the Bride's Mom!

The groom loves real Coca Cola with real sugar like you get in Mexico so we had that at every bar and within the groom’s reach all night.

Greystone Mansion Wedding by Teri Kinne Events

Catering by Truxton’s American Bistro was delicious.

Teri Kinne Events Team at Greystone Mansion workingCat and Adi of Next Exit photography captured the best moments including this one of my team and I being stumped by a missing umbrella!

Wedding Coordinator – Teri of

Catering – Tim of Truxton’s American Bistro Catering
Photography – Cat and Adi of Next Exit Photography
Flowers – Claudia of Floral Design by Dave’s Flowers, Hollywood
DJ – Ian of Red Shoe LA
Officiant – Elizabeth of Marriage to Go
Bakery – Leslie of Sweet Butter Kitchen Glendale
Rentals – Manny of Alex Party Rentals of Venice
Venue – Barbara of Greystone Mansion Beverly Hills

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11 SepHow to Create Successful Business and Social Events

I was thrilled to be asked back by the educational tourism company “World Business Inc.” to conduct another two-day August workshop in Los Angeles on, “How to Plan Successful Events” to business owners and student from Japan.

Most of the students were entrepreneurs who will use the course to plan events that would increase sales for an existing business or launch a new product or show appreciation to the loyal clients they have. Japan looks to the US as leaders in the event planning industry. The group enjoyed having a Los Angeles Event Planner sharing experience, “war stories” and pearls of knowledge with them.

August Los Angeles Event Planner Workshop - How to Create Successful Business and Social EventsAugust Los Angeles Event Planner Workshop - How to Create Successful Business and Social EventsAugust Los Angeles Event Planner Workshop - How to Create Successful Business and Social Events

Some of the topics in the workshop “How to Plan Successful Events”:

• Creating the “Wow Factor”
• Branding Your Business/Product Throughout the Event
• Working with Vendors
• Event Operations
• Catering Options
• Developing Strategic Partners
• Swag Bags (more branding)

Los Angeles Event Planner Workshop - How to Create Successful Business and Social Events

I had a blast with them and made a lot of new friends. My coordinator Rachel was instrumental in the workshop and added a fun element to the seminar.

The group had hand-on projects, demonstrations and real client scenarios.

At the end of the two-day workshop, the students used what they learned over the course of the seminar, to create and enjoy a wrap party!

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20 JulIntimate dinner with Private Chef in Pacific Palisades

[nggallery id=9]

Earlier this summer Teri Kinne Events catered a private dinner party in the home of Carole in the heights of Pacific Palisades. Private Chef Lisa Richman, “Gourmet Girl”, did her magic in the kitchen while the setting summer sun did its magic on the coastline painting an impressive view for the guests.

Platters of cheeses, dried fruit and hummus parlayed into the three course dinner of Summer Salad with Arugula Mellon and Goat Cheese, entrees of Grilled Wild Salmon and natural Filet Mignon with Grilled Herb Tossed Vegetables and Fennel Puree. Dessert was fresh berries and a Vanilla Bunt Cake baked by the host Carole!

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10 JulTree-Friendly Save the Date

What if your favorite aunt unknowingly booked a cruise to Acapulco on your wedding week and couldn’t come?! This is why it is important to send out a notification of your wedding day 9-12 months ahead of time.

Save-the-date invites are informal ways of letting people know you’re getting married, so just have fun with them. Include both your names, followed by your wedding date and city. It should not contain too many details. Work along the line of the tone of your wedding, and your wedding colors. Your save-the-date invites should also reflect the personalities of you and your partner.

Last spring I did a quick save the date for my clients Marjorie & David who are getting married in August. The venue is a charming chapel in a woodsy area.

An impressive, sprawling tree shades the courtyard garden where the reception will be. I played off this setting and the tree by creating an old-school carving of their initials a tree with accents in the teal color that accents the venue.

This was done in Photoshop of course, no real trees were harmed!

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30 JunSanta Monica Business Mixer at Tiato

[nggallery id=10]

I hosted a mixer for Santa Monica businesses who were invited to see the new venue space at Tiato, a “Kitchen, Bar, Garden+Venue” by the creators of Crustaceans in Beverly Hills. I reached out to local businesses whom I thought would enjoy discovering this creative space — available for meetings, cocktail receptions, business and social events.

Guests enjoyed specialty cocktails and a house-made summery sangria; as well as tray passed hors d’oeuvres including “Secret Kitchen Garlic Noodles”, by Crustaceans executive chef and owner Helene An, known to her family and staff as “Mama.” DJ Jason Marshall set the groove with his lounge playlist. We raffled off brunch for two and dinner for two and sent guests home with goodie bags.

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25 JunJenna & Tim’s Wedding: The Bay of Coronado Island

Teri Kinne Events - Jenna and Tim's Wedding

The Coronado Community Center - Coronado Island

The June morning of Jenna & Tim’s wedding blossomed sunny and clear out of the blanket of June gloom we had been waking up to. Groom Tim is a Restaurateur so the menu and service was a major ingredient in his Wedding Reception. I was brought in to head up this catering portion of the wedding reception and the menu was creative and impressive.

Their venue, the Coronado Community Center on the Bay of Coronado Island had breathtaking views of the Coronado bay, alive with sails and gulls.

Guests arrived at the reception on the patio with views of the bay, porticos hanging with lanterns and floral displays of branches, dripping with hanging blossoms and votives. Katherine Farley of KLF Floral created the elegant floral displays.

As guests arrived at the reception, they were welcomed with tray-passed Cabernet and Chardonnay from Seventh Generation Wineries.

Five tray-passed hors d’oeuvres were presented; Gourmet Pigs in a Blanket – Italian Sausage in Puff Pastry with a Basil Mustard, Mini Vegetarian Patty “Berkeley Burgers” Topped with Goat Cheese, Cranberry Sauce, Chipotle Mayo and Micro Greens, Mascarpone Cheese Tartlets, Pizzettes of Fig, Gorgonzola & Caramelized Onion and Endive Spears with Curried Chicken and Dried Cranberries.

Teri Kinne Events - Hors d'oeuvres and Cheese station

Guests also enjoyed stationed Cheese display and an elaborate Seafood Display on shaved ice.

The rolling lawn surrounding the patio was set up for croquet so guests could enjoy the summer game before the doors opened to the dinner reception area. When they did, the Bride and groom were introduced as Mr. and Mrs. and we began the dinner service. The first course was a plated Summer Salad of Arugula and Watermelon with Goat Cheese, Toasted Hazelnuts and a Balsamic Glaze.

Teri Kinne Events - Wedding setup

Teri Kinne Events - Wedding Reception Seating

The seated entree was served displaying Petit Filet Mignon with Roquefort Peppercorn Butter
paired with a Roasted Chilean Sea Bass topped with Teardrop Tomato and Asparagus Relish drizzled with Basil Oil. They were accompanied by Young Summer Vegetables and a Potato Celery Root Puree.

Teri Kinne Events - Wedding Cake

And for dessert....Wedding Cake of course!

Teri Kinne Events - The happy couple

The Happy Couple at the Hotel del Coronado

Blendi at Sun-Dance Photography captured each special moment beautifully and provided the photos for this blog.

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10 MayMy Recent Workshop “How to Produce Successful Events”

Business Owners from Japan Came to Los Angeles in May to Learn about Event Planning

When the seminar host who booked me for the workshop told me that Japan looks to Los Angeles for their queue on how to host large, fun, over-the-top events, and that I could be an influence, I was in! I was told that Japan is a serious society and although there are events for the young and young adults there are not a lot of really interesting decor, entertainment or panache at their business gatherings.

How to Host Successful Events in Los Angeles

How to be a Los Angeles Event Planner

I am one of the professional party planners brought in to help educate Japanese business owners on how to increase business through hosting strategic special events. As a Los Angeles event planner, I know that LA knows how to throw a party!

The seminar was an all day affair in Marina del Rey with an hour lunch break so I included a plethora of exciting and visuals in the form of colorful event photos.

Surprise VIP Guest - The "WOW" Factor

A large part of my program focused on how to create the “WOW” factor in every event one hosts. To demonstrate this point I invited a surprise VIP guest, “Tom Cruise” (look alike actor Jerome LeBlanc), to walk in and give the visitors a warm welcome to L.A. They were thrilled and it provided a perfect photo op!

Even with the interpreter, the group of attendees were attentive, enthusiastic with lots of questions and I look forward to my next workshop in August!

Tom Cruise Guest - Teri Kinne Events, Los Angeles

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23 MarWedding Shows – Smaller are Better…

How to Pick Which Wedding Shows to Attend – Not All Bridal Shows are Worth Your Saturday!

Have you seen neon colored cardboard signs posted on a chain-link fence along the freeway off ramp shouting “Bridal Expo – Convention Center!”? Just keep driving.

This is my opinion but I want to save your precious Saturday for spending time with your precious fiancé or pets, not wasting time getting overloaded with unrecyclable handouts you won’t use. As a Los Angeles Event Planner for 15 years I have displayed at or attended the whole circuit of shows so let me just save you some time! The smaller, upscale bridal shows showcase local, specialized and boutiques vendors which is the style my brides prefer.

Be Selective with Your Wedding Shows

The large “Expo” bridal shows do have a wide variety of vendors but many are national brands and chains like Men’s Warehouse, Laser Skin Centers, Michaels Craft Stores, Resorts and Tourism Boards. They are usually held in convention center or large hotel ballrooms and can be cumbersome to get to and wade through. The fees at these shows tend to range from Free to 12.00. If you choose to go to an expo-type show please wear comfortable shoes and just do a quick walk through stopping only at booths you that you are interested in.

Look for the smaller shows which offer local caterers, planners, letter press stationers, stylists and unique venues with a just a few of the larger brands. These tend to be in boutique hotels or clubs. Prices can range from 25.00-50.00 but you will receive a quality goodie bag when you leave.

This is the fun part – graciously accept your goodie bag then rush home and spill the contents all over your bed to discover the surprises inside.  Here Comes the Guide has a list of Los Angeles Wedding Shows, check them out here.

This week I enjoyed the Wedding Salon at the London Hotel in West Hollywood. It was a quality show, more like a cocktail reception. I met sculptor Margi Wray who creates custom cake tops that are the spitting image of the couple getting married! I was impressed by this one-of-a-kind treasure. One of the most interesting attendees I met was a pug named Phoebe Rose dressed in comfy loungewear, she and her writer guardian Sheila were ducking into a fun photo booth by Magnolia Photo Booths. I tasted tray passed epicurean delights by event caterer Deuce with Chef Trevor Zimmerman at the helm.

Cocktails by Shotgun Promotions at
the Wedding Salon

Floral Display at the Wedding Salon

Here are a few things to help you make the most of the wedding show:

  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Be selective with whom you give your contact information. Vendors will use your contact information to advertise to you. It is a good idea to set up a wedding info Gmail account and reserve your main e-mail address for vendors you actually contract with.
  • Bring a friend or two along who is involved in your wedding. Don’t bring the fiancé if she/he is not interested, it will be a joy-kill for both of you.
  • If you already have a gown, skip the fashion show and visit vendor’s booths during that period since most everybody will be watching the fashion show, the vendors will be free to give you more personal attention
  • Bring your own water. The better bridal shows offer something to sip on but sometimes there are no other options or snacks and water is will be offered at an outrageous price

Enjoy any show you go to and always hold close the real reason you are having this ceremony and celebration!

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