Social Occasions

Lush, Warm, Personal, Memorable

Personal stories told to your guests through the event experience; ambiance, taste, scent, lighting, warm service and unexpected touches. This is what makes your special event everlasting.

Gather family and friends around to declare this milestone and celebrate life together! Memorable anniversaries, rockin’ retirement parties, epic weddings, legendary birthday celebrations, meaningful memorials and grand graduations, we handle every aspect of planning and managing your special day so you can focus on yourself, family, guests and receive the love!

We believe every detail of the event should create the “story”; the reason for your event. This will be communicated in the venue selected, the ambiance, the menu, decore and even in the small details like escort cards and place setting. All this to create a celebration that guests will talk about for weeks after.

Reach out now, while you’re researching, for an easy, no-fee, consultation to see how we can help and possibly create a proposal for your group 424-235-0771