Business Owners from Japan Came to Los Angeles in May to Learn about Event Planning

When the seminar host who booked me for the workshop told me that Japan looks to Los Angeles for their queue on how to host large, fun, over-the-top events, and that I could be an influence, I was in! I was told that Japan is a serious society and although there are events for the young and young adults there are not a lot of really interesting decor, entertainment or panache at their business gatherings.

How to Host Successful Events in Los Angeles

How to be a Los Angeles Event Planner

I am one of the professional party planners brought in to help educate Japanese business owners on how to increase business through hosting strategic special events. As a Los Angeles event planner, I know that LA knows how to throw a party!

The seminar was an all day affair in Marina del Rey with an hour lunch break so I included a plethora of exciting and visuals in the form of colorful event photos.

Surprise VIP Guest - The "WOW" Factor

A large part of my program focused on how to create the “WOW” factor in every event one hosts. To demonstrate this point I invited a surprise VIP guest, “Tom Cruise” (look alike actor Jerome LeBlanc), to walk in and give the visitors a warm welcome to L.A. They were thrilled and it provided a perfect photo op!

Even with the interpreter, the group of attendees were attentive, enthusiastic with lots of questions and I look forward to my next workshop in August!

Tom Cruise Guest - Teri Kinne Events, Los Angeles