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Me and the Romantic Camel

Sunday was a beautiful day at Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu for The Food Event 20011 Hosted by Los Angeles Magazine.

There were so many really creative and tasty bites from restaurants like Cleo, Manhattan Beach Post, Farm Shop LA (I’m a big fan) and the new Mas Malo serving LA Style Chicano food. Many chefs were grilling on site and the smell was delicious. Most chefs were using local, seasonal ingredients to show off their fall menus.

The most memorable bite I tasted was by Executive Chef David Fau of Langham Huntington Hotel’s The Royce restaurant.

Chef Fau served Filet Mignon with button Potato and Balsamic Reduction.

Simple, hearty, carnivorous. A delicacy coming off a full week of my regular diet of rice, beans and vegetables and cookies.

Mini Cherry Cupcake from the Frosted Cupcakery

Frosted Cupcakery on Highland, were a delight. Just sweet enough but didn’t push me into a coma.

Saddle Rock ranch is home to the Malibu Family Wines who were pouring tastings of their latest harvest.

Other beverages participating included, Voss Water and Stella Beer.

I really wanted to snag a purple velvet bag with golden tassels from Stella Artois Beer (forget the glass and the beer) but not worth the long line. I don’t event drink beer!

So I enjoyed the Prickly Pear Punch served by Pica the Peruvian Cantina.

Best experiences of the event? The camels, zebras, buffalo, exotic birds, chickens who looked me in the eye and clucked…

The sunshine and rolling grass and a strolling, grazing Sunday with my spouse.